Collaborate with Dr Dimity Williams.

speaking engagements

Bring some nature into your next conference or work event!

A warm and engaging public speaker, Dimity loves sharing her knowledge and passion for all things nature and health. 

With almost 30 years of connecting to people in her medical practice and a deep understanding of the science underpinning today’s ecological and health challenges, Dimity can speak on a wide variety of topics. These range from how the natural world sustains human wellbeing through to ways nature-based health approaches can help us cope with the stressors of modern life. If you’re not sure what biodiversity, climate change and other environmental problems have to do with your health, then Dimity is the speaker for you! Used to translating science into a language we can all understand, Dimity demystifies topics we often feel confused by.

Dimity is often asked to speak about topics like:

    • nature prescriptions and how regular time just ‘being’ in nature can help you get through the day

    • why nature play is so essential for children

    • how to truly ‘green’ your workplace or healthcare service. 

Dimity doesn’t just speak ‘at’ people. She invites personal reflection and sharing, especially stories of wonderous moments in nature. 


Looking for an innovative experiential workshop for your seminar, community program or conference? Dimity offers 60-90 minute workshops on a variety of topics. These can be shaped to suit your program and ideally involve time outside connecting with nature.

Topics covered as above with plenty of time for movement, fresh air and conversation. 

media and podcast interviews

Invite Dr. Dimity as a guest on your podcast, social media channels such as Instagram and YouTube, or for mainstream media commentary and interviews. Her expertise in the intersection of nature and health, along with her knack for making complex subjects accessible, will provide your audience with engaging and enlightening content.