An Introduction to Nature, Our Medicine

an introduction to Nature, Our Medicine an introduction to Nature, Our Medicine It may seem strange for a scientifically trained medical doctor to regard nature as medicine. Yet many years of work and study as a doctor and in advocacy for environmental protection and community change have brought me to this view. Also, time spent […]

Journalling After Nature Immersion

journalling after nature immersion journalling after nature immersion Journalling after a nature immersion experience can help you process your thoughts, feelings, and observations, allowing for deeper reflection and potential healing. Here are some journal prompts to consider after a nature immersion for healing: 1. Describe Your Experience– What natural setting did you immerse yourself in, […]

Connecting to Nature

learn how to connect to nature from the indigenous first peoples of Australia

connecting to nature connecting to nature Living a busy life in modern suburbia, it can sometimes feel like nature is distant from us, almost abstract. Working and socialising online, we have moved into virtual worlds, away from the reassuring rhythms of the world outside. The frenetic pace of screen spaces has replaced green places in […]

Nature Prescriptions

nature prescriptions nature prescriptions This is a new type of prescription where a doctor suggests their patient spend a certain amount of time in nature on a regular basis. Why – because spending time in nature has great health benefits! For our body: increases physical activity so improves fitness and lowers rates of obesity, healthy […]

What is Nature Play?

what is nature play? what is nature play? Nature play is simply providing the time and space for children to be in nature. It is child-focused and child-led with no adult-directed outcome. Why? Because free time playing in nature supports optimal child wellbeing! For growing bodies: nature play encourages physical activity so strengthens bones, muscles […]